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You can use Joomla! to create your personal web pages on CSIM web server. Alternatively, you can create you web pages using others tools, and save them in your home directory; there is a page detailing the alternative procedure.

One of the advantages of using Joomla! is that your personal page is being automatically listed on the CSIM personal pages list.

1. The page CSIM personal pages list all the pages created by CSIM users. The pages are ordered alphabetically on the name of the user, a photo and a description can be added.
2. The picture is the one that you uploaded to your account on CSIM account management page.

Your name is the Unix gecos argument that you can find at the bottom of the account management page, it is made of your given and family name, and you can choose whether your given name should come before your family name or after.
 3.  After you have authenticated to Joomla!, you have access to the page to edit your personal pages.

You are presented with a blank page. You must use your full name for the title of your first personal page; this full name must match the Unix gecos above; only pages with a title matching the Unix gecos will be listed on the CSIM personal pages list.

The description is the one that will be presented on the CSIM personal pages list.

You must set-up a start publishing date that is before today, you can leave the finish publishing 

Finally, you can set the access level: public means anyone can access the page, restricted is for the authenticated users only, lock means the page is not accessible, even by you!

After you have saved your page, you can start editing the content by clicking on the edit button.
 4.  You can create up to 20 personal pages, but only the first one will be listed, the one using your full name in the title. can create

To make the other pages accessible, you must link them in your top page. The name of the link is the tricky part, it depends on the title you gave to the page.

From the page URL listed when you create or edit a page ( you must replace the part edit-my-personal-pages with personal-page-list so the URL for the pages you create becomes

Changing the title of a page will automatically change the URL to access the page, and you will have to manually propagate that change in any subsequent link.

Page name and page title must be unique across all the users, to avoid conflict you must prefix the page title with your user account. Your pages could be called st100000-1, st100000-2, etc.
5. You can use PHP code inside your page. You simply can type PHP script inside the page, starting with <?php and ending with ?>. For example:

print "Hello World";

While this works, it is very sensitive to editing and does not handle cut&paste well.
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