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This Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) complement the general AUP defined for AIT. There is a slide presentation explaining AIT policy.

Every person that is granted an account (further known as the User) on CSIM computing and network facilities (further known as CSIM network) is bound to comply with the following AUP.


The User is responsible for the security of the personal account that he/she is given on CSIM computing and network facilities.

The User must protect his/her account by setting a password. The password chosen must be at least 6 characters long and must include upper and lower case letters, numbers and punctuation marks. The User must change his/her password on request by the administration of CSIM network.

The account given to the User is personal. In no circumstance, the User can give access to his/her account to any other individual, nor the user must disclose his/her password.

The user must not leave a terminal or a computer unattended while he/she is logged in CSIM network. Such unattended terminal or computer may be used to gain access to the User's account.

Allowing external access through the use of a ~/.rhost file may create a security hole, facilitating an intruder to gain access to other systems. The User is strongly recommended to avoid such file.

The User is responsible for the files that are stored in his/her account. It is the User's own responsibility to check that no foreign file is stored in his/her account. In case a foreign file is detected, the User must inform the administrator of CSIM network.

If the above rules are not followed, the account of the User may be terminated and no further account will be given to the User on CSIM network.

If security is violated because of the User neglect to follow the above rules, the User will be responsible for the damages caused to CSIM network.

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