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All facilities in CSIM are covered by the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

Create CSIM personal pages

You can use Joomla! to store your personal web pages on CSIM web server. This page describes how to. 

Publishing your research work on CSIM digital library

Research work is now published on AIT Library own server.

VMware ESXi server

CSIM has a VMware ESXi server running where students can install virtual servers. The virtual servers used for projects of the WEA course are also hosted on the same VMware server.

Network Access Gateway

In order to comply with the Computer Crime Act B.E. 2550 of Thailand, we have a network access gateway that requires user authentication before accessing Internet.


I have added a blog to keep technical notes.

This sections lists various documents and reports that may be of some interest to the users of CSIM resources, those documents may be consulted by others as well.

Back-up facility

A central back-up solution is available at CSIM, that will also be usable for Windows clients. Up to 3 weeks of data can be kept on tape.

web interface allows you to set-up your own back-up policy for your own Windows machine.The interface now accepts Windows XP clients.

Email server

The email recovery system is keeping a copy of old emails since January 23, 2006. As a user you can select and recover old messages that are no longer in your mailbox.

CSIM is providing its own email server for the benefits of the users of the program, including web mailPOP and IMAPaccess to read email, Spam and virus filtering.

A new email forwarder has been added on the CSIM account management page. This forwarding service is offered for one year after the user account has been closed on CSIM.

Remote server

You can access the server to run various applications.

Wireless access

A full coverage of CSIM building is now available for Ethernet Wireless. It has been updated to 802.11 n access points.

With DD-WRT firmware, CSIM is now implementing virtual WiFi, allowing access to CSIM and to AIT users.

Printers and printing policy

CSIM laboratories has one fast printer available for the students and one slower printer accessible at all time. Check the details about the printing policy that apply at CSIM program.

Using classroom equipment

AIT is providing a computer and a video projector in every of the institute classroom and meeting room. This page intend to explain how to use these equipment, related with CSIM network.

An electric box has been installed at the door of CSIM classroom to control the power supply for the video projector. This is ugly but...

Access control

CSIM has set-up and access control to its laboratories facilities. The access control is based on username and password.


This page links to the various monitoring available, including network, servers, etc.


Describes the network connection available inside CSIM program as well as the connection to outside Internet.

The page now includes several tools to monitor and check the network.

Set-up for Samba server

A Samba server has been set-up in CSIM laboratory.

It is important that you read the page about set-up for Samba server, as it concerns your connection to the network.

Database server

CSIM network runs a SQL server for your benefit.

Web server

On CSIM web server, you can store your personnal home page.

FTP server

You can use CSIM FTP server to transfer files around.


Remote access to CSIM servers. This section now provides access to the latest virus patern files.
The CERT advisories and bulletins.

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