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Using the computer and the video projector available in AIT classroom, meeting room and laboratory.
See how to connect a notebook to the video projector.

See how to use the computer with dual video output in the laboratory. Updated

See how to use the new electric box in CSIM classroom. New

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AIT has provided computer and video projector in the Institute classrooms and meeting rooms. Video projectors are also installed in CSIM laboratory.

Following instructions summarize the way to use the equipment.

NEVER change the connection between the video projector and the computer, this may result in electric shock that will damage more than Bt 100,000 worth of equipment.

A video switch and a empty video input cable allow you to connect a notebook to the projector, so you don't need to change any cable connection.

Using the video projector

Turning the video projector on

  1. New turn the main power on by using the big green button on the electric box (in the classroom only);
  2. turn on the monitor, even if you are using a notebook;
  3. turn on the computer and login or attach a notebook to the empty video cable, and select the video source with the video switch;
  4. turn on the video projector by using the power button on the remote.
    The video projector is configured to automatically select the video source it is using, but the video source needs to be present before you turn on the video projector, so you must turn on the computer before the projector.
    If you turn on the video projector before the computer, you will have to press on input button of the remote so the projector finds the computer source. The projector will try every possible input and select the computer when it is available
    This projector has no way to select and keep the selection of the video source, every time the projector is powered off, the selection is lost.
    The first image should appear on the screen after 30 to 45 seconds.
    If no image appears, if the projector does not light on, check that the dust cover in from of the optical lens of the projector has retracted (see the red arrow, the lens is uncovered). If not the main power not been turned on on point 1. above, or the projector is faulty.

Turning the video projector off

The lamp in video projectors has a short life duration (approximately two years of teaching) and is quite expensive. To save the lamp, please turn off the video projector after each class.

  1. turn off the projector by pressing twice on the power button of the remote: after the first action on the button, the projector will display a message asking for confirmation, press the power button a second time.
  2. detach the notebook from the spare cable or logout from the computer;
  3. New turn off the main power with the big red button on the electric box: the box will wait the necessary ten minutes for the projector to cool down before actually turning off the main power (in the classroom only).
    We need to turn off the main power so the power supply of the projector does not degrade (takes longer and longer to warm up), but we need the 10 minutes delay so that the lamp cools down, that is the main reason for the box.
    The box is located outside of the room so eventually anybody can turn off the main power if the last user forgot to do so, even at night, even when the classroom door is locked.

Using the computer with dual video output in the laboratory

The computer installed in the laboratory has a double video output, some configuration needs to be made in order to display optimal image on both the LCD screen and the video projector.

For Windows Updated

The video card is configured so that both the LCD screen and the video projector display the same image. But the displaying possibilities of the LCD screen and video projector are different. You must choose either the video projector image is at optimal definition but the LCD screen is slightly distorded; or the LCD screen is at optimal definition but the video projector is slightly distorded.

Set-up for optimal display on the video projector
  1. Turn on the video projector and select computer on the video switch.
  2. Locate the Nvidia icon in the icon tray at the bottom right of the screen and left click on it.
  3. Select Screen Resolution / 1152 by 864 pixels from the menu.

4. Confirm that you want to keep the display settings.

Note that the image on the LCD screen is distorded, but the image on the video projector is correct.

After you have finished your presentation, you should revert to the setting with the only display on the screen.

Set-up for the optimal display on the LDC screen
  1. Locate the Nvidia icon in the tray at the bottom right of the screen and left click on it.
  2. Select Screen Resolution / 1440 by 900 pixels from the menu.
  3. Confirm that you want to keep the display settings.
  4. Turn off the video projector using the procedure mentionned above.

You will notice that the LCD screen is back to a proper display, any distortion being gone.

Login into the computer

The computers installed in CSIM classroom and meeting room are connected to CSIM network. You should use your Samba account to log in. Alternatively you can use the account name CSIM to login, with no password, but you will not have access to your network files.

Remember to logout after you are done teaching: anyone using the classroom computer would have access to your personnal files if you don't disconnect.

You don't need to turn-off the computer after each class. We will make sure the machine is turned off at night. This should save time in between class as there is no need to turn the computer on again.

Using a notebook

We have installed a video switch in CSIM classroom, meeting room and laboratory.

The switch allows to select between two inputs to display on the projector.

One input is reserved for the computer in the room, and the other input is empty, it can be used to connect a notebook. You can select the input by pressing on the big translucid part on the top of the video switch, the yellow light that indicates what input is selected will then change from one input to the other.

Always use that empty cable to connect to the notebook: now there is no need to diconnect any equipment to connect a notebook.


The following diagram shows how the various video equipments are connected.

You can use the empty video connector to attach your notebook to the projector.

The video switch allows to select the source of the video, while the video spliter makes sure that the video signal goes to the monitor and to the video projector.

The video spliter we are using must have the monitor turned on before it can send the signal to the video projector.

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