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  1. Users are expected take good care of the printer, it is a fragile and expensive equipment.
  2. Printing is only for students takings courses at CSIM program. The access to the printer is restricted through the printing server, which is the domain controller for the domain SAMBA. Users have to connect to SAMBA domain before they can use the printers.
  3. Printing is limited by a quota system. When a sheet of paper is printed on both sides, it counts for two pages.
  4. Printing quota is set to 4900 pages for a student taking a full 48 credits master degree in CSIM in Bangkok. The initial quota will be adjusted with respect to the number of credits taken in CSIM in Bangkok. By default, students can print only black and white pages.
  5. Additional quota may be purchased at the price of 100 Baht for 100 pages. The purchase page gives you instructions on how you can buy more printing quota.This price may be revised without prior notice, depending on the evolution of the cost of paper, toner and printer.
  6. Printing quota may be checked on the account management page.
  7. Printing paper is provided by CSIM program, when a printer is empty, student should ask one of the laboratory supervisor to refill paper.
  8. Initial printing quota has been fixed after comparison with other fields of study in AIT. The quota is assuming users will choose to print on both side of the page whenever it is possible.

Printing at night and during week ends

For your convenience, a printer has been installed in the laboratory, this printer will be available at night and during week ends. The printer is freely available, but we request that you abide by the following points in addition to the policy mentioned above:

    1. The printer is duplex, so do not grab the pages before they are completely out of the printer. To save paper, please print on both side of the pages.
    2. Be gentle when you load paper in the printer; the printer trays are 500 pages each, that may not be enough for a whole week end, so you could load some more paper, but do not force anything, so the paper tray will not break. Use only new, A4 paper.
      Be very gentle when you put some paper in the paper tray: if the trays are broken there will be no more printer for nights and week ends.
    3. The quota system is enforced on this printer too.
    4. Do not try to move the printer, disconnect it from the current computer or connect it to another computer; that would be a major offence.


HP LaserJet P4015x

Accessibility: day only
Location: room #212
Name for windows: \\banyan\magnum
Name for Unix: magnum
Speed: up to 60 pages/minute
Duplex: available
Volume printing: yes
Paper tray: 1000 sheets
Set-up: see the set-up page

This should be the prefered choice for printing.

HP LaserJet 4300dtn

Accessibility: any time
Location: laboratory #210
Name for windows: \\banyan\big
Name for Unix: big
Speed: up to 35 pages/minute
Duplex: available
Volume printing: yes
Paper tray: 1000 sheets
Set-up: see the set-up page

Ricoh MP C2003

Accessibility: day only
Location: room #111
Name for windows: \\banyan\ricoh or \\banyan\ricoh_colour
Name for Unix: ricoh or ricoh-colour
Speed: up to 20 pages/minute
Duplex: available
Volume printing: no
Paper tray: 500 sheets
Colour: for faculty only
Set-up: set-up page


Printing for faculty and staff

For all the printers, printing statistics are collected for faculty and staff, but no quota limit are set-up. The connection to SAMBA domain remains necessary before you can use any of the above printers. Faculty can print colour pages on the printer Ricoh, but consider the cost of such pages before printing.

Individual printers may be attached to personal computers, on those individual printers, no statistics are collected. When an individual printer is attached to a computer running Microsoft Windows, the printer can be set-up to be used also from Unix, please contact Olivier for that purpose

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