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When your printing quota is nearly expired or completely finished, you can a buy new quota. A new quota is purchased at the price of 100 baht for 100 pages. The price may be revised without prior notice.

To buy a new quota, please follow the steps below.

  1. Go to AIT cashier and make a deposit on the account: 10 7 003 102 07001 085 9999 (Student Assistance) for the amount of quota you want to buy. You can print and use the form below.
  2. Tell the cashier that it is for buying printing quota at CSIM.
  3. You will get a yellow receipt, this receipt should have the amount you purchased in Baht, and mention that you are purchasing printing quota.
  4. Bring the receipt to one of the CSIM laboratory supervisors and your printing quota will be immediately increased for the amount you bought.

    Printing quota at CSIM
    Account: 10 7 003 102 07001 085 9999


    Student ID:

    Amount in baht:

  5. For CSIM supervisor: connect to and run the command:
    sudo set_print_quota userid +quota
    to add quota pages to the printing quota of the user userid.
    Or you can access the user record on the LDAP directory or CSIM and set or update the attribute csimPrintQuotaAdditional.

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