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Human problems today are global, and we must therefore, have an international perspective in all our activities. Research in higher education is not only about increasing competency within some discrete knowledge fields. It is also about cultural differences as a source of potential for creation, innovation, critical thinking and development.

Research at AIT is oriented towards the sustainable development of the region, strengthening the knowledge, development and business capacity of the region, and supporting communities and their economic development and integration into the global economy. In addition to the 2000 students carrying out research projects supervised by over 200 highly qualified and experienced faculty advisors, currently there are 270 sponsored research projects in progress staffed by 1,000 research and support personnel from 30 countries.

Maintaining a societal perspective on science, researchers at AIT produce knowledge for practical application with high relevance, utility and economic impacts. Research and education are managed to satisfy the needs of societal stakeholders. Research is intentional, purposive and manageable. Crucially, the agenda of the Institute and its staff is integrated with the agenda and desires of the stakeholders. In this model , researchers are both individualists (free, critical and creative thinkers) and team players. To this end, AIT is striving for a distinct profile in certain strong niche areas.

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