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This web interface can be used to let your users register their Windows Microsoft PC to Amanda backup.

First the user has to set a special backup user and to define shares to be accessible for backup. Then, using the interface, the user can add the shares to Amanda, as incremental backup or as full backup only. The interface script will modify the DLE and amandapass files accordingly.

This interface is written in PHP (with a small part in Perl) and should run on the Amanda server. It will create a temporary file that contains the password for the shares. Just before Amanda dump, a Perl script is used to merge this temporary password file with amandapass file.

So far the interface has been tested for Windows 2000 and Windows XP only. It should work with Windows NT; the part about old Windows 98 exists only as a phantom. I will add Windows Vista as soon as I have the need for it.

I once wrote this interface in Perl and I recently ported to PHP. I have not formal and nice distribution package, this interface was written for our internal usage only, but you can download it anyway.

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Change the link in Joomla to point to if you restart Amanda for Windows interface.

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