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FreeBSD security advisory

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Various things

Antivirus update files

This section links to antivirus patern files that are automnatically downloaded for your convenience. By using the hyperlinks below, you can access to the very last virus recognition file, as you get it from CSIM server, it will be on your computer very fast.

Securing your local password

A password generator, that proposes random letter sequences that look like English words, for easy remembering. To conform the rule of strong password, numbers and other signs are also added.

File transfer across CSIM firewall New

You need to transfer some files to a project machine running inside CSIM firewall, but the direct connection is not allowed.

Runnning X window applications across CSIM firewall New

You need to run an X window application on a project machine in CSIM lab and display the result on your PC outside of CSIM: this is not allowed

Remote use of Remote Desktop Protocol New

Remote Desktop Protocol is convenient to connect to a Microsoft Windows system remotely. But the protocol is not allowed to cross CSIM firewall.

Remote connection

To limit the attack from cracker that managed to find some users passwords, connection from outside have been restricted to encrypted communication through Secure SHell.

This solution provides encryption for every data, not only for the password.

A specific client is needed at the remote end.

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