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This is my download page. You can download the stuff relevant to my current  research. I have uploaded the code for automatic radial distortion estimation based on plumbline approach using C++ and OpenCV. The source code is based on the paper, “Automatic Radial Distortion Estimation from a Single Image” by Faisal Bukhari and Matthew N. Dailey, which is published in the Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision. JCR impact factor 1.395.

  • Faisal Bukhari, Master thesis, Delaunay Triangulation Based Sparse 3D Reconstruction Of Indoor Scenes Using a Monocular Camera, Computer Science and Information Management department, Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand. May 2009 [PDF].
Results of my recent research. Example results on real image. (a) Original image. (b) Detected edges. (c) Extracted contours. (d) Identified arcs. (e) Undistorted image using parameters estimated via the ``Ransac-LM'' circle fitting method.
(a) (b) (c)
(d) (e)
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