Fri Sep 10 14:45:13 ICT 2010

Reset the air-conditionning

Air-conditionning may need resetting in rooms #203, #204, classroom #209 and the two laboratories #210 and #211. This will happen after some power failure.

In the air-conditioning control room (at the back of room #204 and in room #216), next to each air-conditionning unit, there is a control box.

This control box has a switch that may need to be reseted.

  1. Turn the air-conditionning on, using the switch located in the classroom or laboratory or student room.
  2. Reset the switch on the control box.
    Be carefull! Only use an isolated tool!
    A plastic pen is a good solution.
  3. Locate the control box corresponding to the air-conditionning unit you want to reset.
  4. Press the reset switch.

    For room #204,
    the blue button.


    For rooms #203,
    #209, #210 and #211,
    the red button.

  5. If the air-conditionning is still not working, you have to call the maintenance.

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