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Install and configure Mac OS X system on iMac

This step-by-step intructions gives an how-to install (or re-install) and confugure Mac OS X on CSIM iMac machines.
  1. Insert the Mac OS X Install DVD in the drive.
  2. Hold the ALT key for 10-20 seconds while booting; until an arrow appears on the screen.
  3. Select the DVD icon.
  4. Proceed with accepting any menu until the Install Mac OS X screen.
  5. The first step of to reformat the hard disk. On the Install Mac OS X screen, select Utilities/Disk Utility.
  6. Select Machintosh HD and Erase.
  7. Go on and erase, this will apply the default format operation which is a quick format.
  8. Exit Disk Utility. The disk has been reformatted.
  9. Continue with installation and accept all the defaults.
  10. Select country Thailand.
  11. Select Keyboard US.
  12. Select No information transfer.
  13. Do not enter Apple ID.
  14. Do not enter Registration Information.
  15. Create the user toor, full name Charlie, with the Administrator password use on Windows machines.
  16. Install the applications from Applications Install DVD.
  17. Cancel Keyboard Setup Assistant.
  18. This step will configure the login options. Go to System Preferences/Accounts/Login Options.
  19. Select Automatic Login: off.
  20. Select Display login window as: Name and password.
  21. Now you need to install AIT root CA certificate. Open a shell window and create the directory that will hold the root CA:
    # sudo mkdir -p /usr/local/ssl/ca
  22. Import the certificate from banyan.cs.ait.ac.th:
    # scp on@banyan:SSL/ca/ca-bundle.crt .
  23. In the Finder, open ca-bundle.crt.
  24. Add it in the Keychain system, always trust it.
  25. Move the certificate to its final location:
    # sudo mv ca-bundle.crt /usr/local/ssl/ca
  26. Next step will be to download and install system updates. Launch Safari.
  27. Modify the preference to use www.cs.ait.ac.th for home page.
  28. Authenticate to access to Internet.
  29. In the Finder, launch Software Update.
  30. Restart at step 26. and relaunch the Software Update until there is no more update (minimum twice).
  31. Configure syslog to log to CSIM loggin server. Edit /etc/syslog.conf add a line:
    *.*                        @sysl.cs.ait.ac.th
  32. Configure NFS to autiomatically mount the disk from oak.cs.ait.ac.th/etc/auto_master, comment out all lines except /net and /Network/Servers.
  33. Edit /etc/fstab and enter the line:
    oak.cs.ait.ac.th:/home /home nfs -P,-i,-b 0 0
  34. Add an entry to start fstab automatically:
    # scp on@banyan:_Library_LaunchDaemon_fstab.plist to /Library/LaunchDaemon/fstab.plist
  35. Now configure the date and time. In System Preferences/Date & Time/Date & Time, set Set date and time automatically to: ntp.cs.ait.ac.th.
  36. In Clock, select Use 24-hour clock.
  37. In System Preferences/Sharing, change the Computer Name. The name are in the form of Macx.
  38. Install the C-shell .rc file:
    # scp on@banyan:/etc/.cshrc /etc/.cshrc
  39. Configure LDAP and the users accounts. Edit /etc/openldap/ldap.conf and add the line:
    TLS_CACERT /usr/local/ss/ca/ca-bundle.crt
  40. In System Preferences/Account/Login Options, click on Network Account Server Join...
  41. Enter the name ldap.cs.ait.ac.th and click Open Directory Utility.
  42. Edit LDAPv3.
  43. Click New and enter Server Name or IP Address: ldap.cs.ait.ac.th.
  44. Select Encrypt using SSL.
  45. Click on Continue.
  46. Enter in Pick a Template: RFC 2307 (Unix).
  47. Enter in Searchbase: ou=csim,dc=cs,dc=ait,dc=ac,dc=th.
  48. Click Continue then OK.
  49. Lock the Directory Utility.
  50. Enter CSIM in Configuration Name.
  51. Click Edit, in Search & Mappings.
  52. Click Groups and change Search base to: ou=Group,ou=csim,dc=cs,dc=ait,dc=ac,dc=th.
  53. Change Search only at the first level.
  54. Click People and change Search base to: ou=People,ou=csim,dc=cs,dc=ait,dc=ac,dc=th.
  55. Change Search only at the first level.
  56. Expand People, under RealName, add gecos and delete cn.
  57. Under RecordName add uid.
  58. Click on Users and change Search base to: ou=People,ou=csim,dc=cs,dc=ait,dc=ac,dc=th.
  59. Change Search only at the first level.
  60. Expand Users.
  61. Repeat the changes for RealName.
  62. OK everything and close
  63. In a shell window, make the users tempadmin and on administrators of the machine:
    # dscl . -append /Groups/admin GroupMembership  on tempadmin
  64. Configure the printers. Edit /etc/hosts.lpd on banyan. Add a line with the full name of the iMac computer macx.desktops.cs.ait.ac.th. Restart the lpd(8) daemon:
    # /etc/rc.d/lpd restart
  65. In System Preferences/Printers & Fax:
    • Add Address: banyan.cs.ait.ac.th
    • Queue: big
    • Name: Big
    • Print Using Print software
    • Select HP Laserjet 4300 Series
    • Select Optional Tray3: 500 sheets
    • Select Duplex Unit selected
    • Select Fit to Page: Nearest Size and Scale
  66. Same for Queue: magnum; Name: Magnum; select HP Laserjet P4010 series.
  67. Same for Queue: Ricoh; Name: Ricoh; select Ricoh Aficio 2051 -Gutenprint v5.2.3; this one has no option to select duplex or tray.
  68. Lock the System Preferences.
  69. Reboot

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