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Mon Dec 9 15:35:41 ICT 2013

Enable syslog on VMware ESXi server

There is no GUI method to enable syslog on VMware ESXi server (ESXi); it must be enabled using console access and command line.
  1. Remote connect to ESXi with ssh(1):
    # ssh root@ESXi
  2. Enable syslog in ESXi firewall:
    # esxcli network firewall ruleset set --ruleset-id=syslog --enabled=true
    # esxcli network firewall refresh
  3. Define the syslog server; you must use an IP address, not the server's name:
    # esxcli system syslog config set --loghost='udp://'
    # esxcli system syslog reload
  4. Check the configuration:
    # esxcli system syslog config get
       Default Network Retry Timeout: 180
       Local Log Output: /scratch/log
       Local Log Output Is Configured: false
       Local Log Output Is Persistent: true
       Local Logging Default Rotation Size: 1024
       Local Logging Default Rotations: 8
       Log To Unique Subdirectory: false
       Remote Host: udp://

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