Wed Feb 16 13:26:20 +07 2022

Naming virtual machines

When a virtual machine (VM) is created to be used/managed by a user, it should not persist when the use leaves AIT.

Proper naming of the VMs will allow the scripts that manage the user accounts to automatically back-up and delete the obsolete VMs.

The name of the VMs should be of the form:

  1. In the simplest form, the name of the VM is the username, for example st12345
  2. If one user needs more than one VM, the VM name can start with the username, followed by a space or - or _ and some number or index; for example st123456-2 or st123456 banana
  3. Alternatively, it is possible to set the name of the owner of the VM in the VM notes; the line should be of the form owner=st123456
    Note that the check is very loose on this form, if the string owner=user matches, whatever follows that string is accepted.

Any VM that follow these conventions will be automatically backed-up in the user's homedirectory and deleted from the virtual server when the user's account expires.

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