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Wed Aug 21 13:03:34 +07 2019

Transferring old account from guppy to banyan

When a student leaves AIT, there is no automatic procedure to save and removes the files that were created on the local disks of guppy.

Further more, because the students are using some tools to virtualize environment, there are many file duplicates that should be taken into account to reduce the space on the final backup. In some instances, a space reduction of 30% could be achieved by simply removing the duplicated files.

  1. Connect to guppy and become super user;
  2. Compress the files of the user:
    find /home2/user -type f -exec xz -f -9 {} \;
  3. Remove duplicates: -a /home2/user
  4. Create some directory on banyan to receive the files, for example /home/corse/deleted/user/guppy;
  5. Transfer the files:
    cd /home2/user; tar cf - . |ssh someone@banyan sudo -A 'sh -c "cd /home/corse/deleted/user/guppy; tar xfBp -"'
  6. Remove the files from guppy.

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