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Wed Apr 4 12:55:45 +07 2018

Give permission to a domain user on an ESXi host

With ESXi 6.5, the only way to grant permission to a domain (active directory) user is through command line: SSH connect to the ESXi server and use the command:
esxcli system permission set --id='smb4\on' --role=Admin
Note: the permission created in command line interface will not show on web interface. Use the command esxcli system permission list to see the active permissions.

Every user on the domain must be granted read permission on the system before they can have higher permission on a dedicated VM:

esxcli system permission set -g -i 'smb4\domain users' -r ReadOnly
Permission on a Virtual Machine can be set using the web interface, the name of domain user is of the form smb4\st112345

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