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Tue Mar 25 11:28:57 ICT 2014

Transfer deleted accounts files to amanda

Move deleted user accounts files from banyan to amanda.
  1. Login to amanda and become root.
  2. Go to the disk ada7:
    cd /host/localhost/ada7
  3. Copy the deleted files from banyan:
    ssh on@banyan sudo -A tar cf - /home/\*/deleted | tar xfBp -
  4. Go to the deleted directoriy on the system disk:
    cd /deleted
  5. Repeat the step 3.
  6. Login on banyan and become root.
  7. Go to the home directory:
    cd /home
  8. Remove the deleted account files:
    rm -rf */deleted/*

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Thu Mar 6 17:42:56 ICT 2014

Upgrade FreeBSD source with subversion

The following steps are needed to upgrade FreeBSD sources using subversion.
  1. Install subversion from the ports.
  2. Run it once to create the propre environment:
    sudo svn checkout /usr/src
    This will fail but create /root/.subversion
  3. Edit the file /root/.subversion/servers, in the section [global] add the following lines:
    http-proxy-host =
    http-proxy-port = 3128
  4. You can now update FreeBSD source, above steps will not be necessary anymore. The command is:
    sudo svn checkout /usr/src

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