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48. Office Automation

Well, What Else Could We Call It?
Online Phone and Address Lists
A Scratchpad on Your Screen
Automatic Reminders and More: calendar
leave: A Maddening Aid to Quitting on Time
Get Calendar for Any Month or Year: cal
cal That Marks Today's Date
Calendar for 132-Column Terminals or Printers
PostScript Calendars with pcal
Working with Names and Addresses
The index Database Program
Using index with a Filter

48.1 Well, What Else Could We Call It?

OK, so maybe the articles in this chapter don't really talk about office automation, but they do talk about things of interest to office workers - things that don't have much to do with computers, but rather with the kinds of things that people wanted the computers for in the first place. Things like:

If you're looking for office tools, also be sure to check out sc (49.8) and ipl (49.9) in the next chapter.


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