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48.8 Calendar for 132-Column Terminals or Printers

The cal (48.6) program is convenient, but it's fairly no-frills. If you have a 132-column terminal, or (more importantly) if you have a 132-column line printer, try using the calen program instead.

The calen program prints out calendars using 132 columns, and draws boxes for each date that are large enough to scribble notes in. The syntax for the calen program is:

calen month year [length]

The length is the optional number of months you want shown, starting with the specified month (the default number of months is 1). For example:

% calen 6 1965

shows you a calendar for the month of June 1965.

To get the entire year of 1965 (all 12 months), do:

% calen 1 1965 12

The only real reason for using calen is to print out the calendar so you can write on it. But if you have a PostScript printer, forget about calen, since pcal (48.9) is much more powerful.

- LM

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