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B.6 Typeset Options

These are arguments to the typeset command.
With no option, create local variable within function.
-LLeft justify and remove leading blanks.
-RRight justify and remove trailing blanks.
-fWith no arguments, prints all function definitions.
-f fnamePrints the definition of function fname.
+fPrints all function names.
-ftTurns on trace mode for named function(s).
+ftTurns off trace mode for named function(s).
-fuDefines given name(s) as autoloaded function(s).
-iDeclare variable as an integer.
-lConvert all letters to lowercase.
-rMake variable read-only.
-uConvert all letters to uppercase.

Export variable, i.e., put in environment so that it is passed to subshells.

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