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B.5 Options

These are options that can be turned on with the set -o command. All are initially off except where noted. Abbrevs, where listed, are arguments to set that can be used instead of the full set -o command (e.g., set -a is an abbreviation for set -o allexport). The abbreviations are actually backward-compatible Bourne shell options.
allexport-aExport all subsequently defined variables.

Exit the shell when a command exits with non-0 status.


Run all background jobs at decreased priority (on by default).

emacsUse emacs-style command-line editing.

Use emacs-style command-line editing, but with a slightly different meaning for [CTRL-T] (See Chapter 2, Command-line Editing).

ignoreeofDisallow [CTRL-D] to exit the shell.

Add / to all directory names generated from wildcard expansion.

monitor-mEnable job control (on by default).
noclobberDon't allow > redirection to existing files.

Read commands and check for syntax errors, but don't execute them.

noglob-fDisable wildcard expansion.
nologDisable command history.
nounset-uTreat undefined variables as errors, not as null.
privileged-pScript is running in suid mode.

Substitute full pathnames for commands in alias expansions.

verbose-vPrint commands (verbatim) before running them.
viUse vi-style command-line editing.

Use vi mode and have each keystroke take effect immediately.


Print commands (after expansions) before running them.

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