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Bullet Computer Science

Computer Science field of study (CS FoS) aims to meet the growing international demand for highly-skilled computer specialists by:

Bullet Information Management

Information Management field of study (IM FoS) is designed to prepare students to respond to four basic challenges confronting organizations today:

Bullet Software Engineering

In addition to the traditional Master's program in computer science, CSIM also offers a Master's degree in computer science with specialization in software engineering. The software engineering program is specially designed to fill the Asia-Pacific region's needs for highly-trained specialists in software development and the management of software development projects. Students in the program will:

The software engineering program is particularly aimed at students already having work experience in the software industry.

Bullet Dual master with TSP

Telecom SudParis (France), Aalto University (Finland), Asian Insitute of Technology (Thailand), Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Hong Kong) and National Chiao Tung University (Taiwan) jointly offers a unique Euro-Asian curriculum at the master's level addressing key issues in communication networks and services specialising in the European and Asian contexts. Our graduates are ready to apply cutting-edge concepts and technologies in IT and in the telecommunications industry. Graduates of this programme have been employed by leading telecommunication companies, IT industry firms, research centers and universities in North America, Europe and Asia.

This program introduces our student to the ICT fundamentals that provide the background in multimedia mobile networks and services while targeting a theoretical background and practical knowledge. The objective is for them to learn how to analyze, design and plan networks while also becoming acquainted with deployment, operation, optimization, maintenance and control of these networks, and to anticipate the major changes that will occur in the IT and telco industries.

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