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Weekly graph
Monthly graph
Yearly graph

Monitoring of the quality of the received signal at satellite earth station in AIT.

Daily graph, 5 minutes interval.

Data were last updated on January 1, 1970 at 7:00

For a good reception, Eb/N0 should not get bellow 8 dB.
The Signal Level should be in the range -30dBm – -55dBm. To fit on the same graph, Signal Level has been made positive and divided by 3 (reading 10 means -30dBm, reading 12 means -36dBm).

InError impulses show the time when some faulty IP packet were received. The width of the impulse does not reflect the number of errors, but that there were error occuring in consecutive time periods.

The number of packets is shown with an average packet size of 512 Bytes (8 * 512 = 4,096 bits). When the InPackets is bellow the InBit, it means we receive larger packets, when it is above it means we receive smaller packets.

Same remark applies regarding InError.

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