Mon Dec 14 14:35:02 ICT 2015

Installing pine/alpine on FreeBSD

pine/alpine need a patch to read maildir mailboxes; the package on FreeBSD does not offer this patch.

In /usr/ports/mail/alpine do a make patch.

Change to work directory and apply the patch from ~on/Alpine-2.20/maildir.patch.

The patch fails to install the files maildir.h and maildir.c in the proper directory imap/c-client/, you have to do that by hand.

Change to alpine-2.20 directory and run configure with the needed options, you must at least disable SSL (--without-ssl), other options like IPv6, kerberos, tcl are not needed either. I used:

./configure --without-ipv6 --without-tcl --without-ldap --without-krb5 --without-ssl

make and install by hand.

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