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A. Quick Reference

Movement Commands
Editing Commands
Exit Commands
Command Line Options
Other ex Commands

This appendix lists vi commands and ex commands according to their use.

A.1 Movement Commands

h, j, k, lLeft, down, up, right (<-, -v, -^, ->)
w, W, b, BForward, backward by word
e, EEnd of word
), (Beginning of next, previous sentence
}, {Beginning of next, previous paragraph
]], [[Beginning of next, previous section
0, $First, last position of current line
^First character of current line (ignore spaces)
+, -First character of next, previous line
n|Column n of current line
HTop line of screen
MMiddle line of screen
LLast line of screen
nHn (number) of lines after top line
nLn (number) of lines before last line
[CTRL-F], [CTRL-B]Scroll forward, backward one screen
[CTRL-D] [CTRL-U]Scroll down, up one-half screen
[CTRL-E] [CTRL-Y]Show one more line at bottom, top of window
z [RETURN]Reposition line with cursor: to top of screen
z.Reposition line with cursor: to middle of screen
z-Reposition line with cursor: to bottom of screen
[CTRL-L] [CTRL-R]Redraw screen (without scrolling)
/patternSearch forward for pattern
?patternSearch backward for pattern
n, NRepeat last search in same, opposite direction
/, ?Repeat previous search forward, backward
fxSearch forward for character x in current line
FxSearch backward for character x in current line
txSearch forward for character before x in current line
TxSearch backward for character after x in current line
;Repeat previous current-line search
'Repeat previous current-line search in opposite direction
Line number
[CTRL-G]Display current line number
nGMove to line number n
GMove to last line in file
:nMove to line number n
Marking position
mxMark current position as x
`xMove cursor to x
``Return to previous mark or context
'xMove to beginning of line containing mark x
''Return to beginning of line containing previous mark

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