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20. Backing Up Files

tar in a Nutshell
Make Your Own Backups
How to Make Backups with a Local Tape Drive
Restoring Files from Tape with tar
Using tar to a Remote Tape Drive
Writing a Tape Drive on a Remote Machine
Creating a Timestamp File for Selective Backups
Telling tar Which Files to Exclude or Include
When a Program Doesn't Understand Wildcards
Avoid Absolute Paths with tar
Getting tar's Arguments in the Right Order
Protecting Files with SCCS or RCS
SCCS Basics
RCS Basics
List RCS Revision Numbers with rcsrevs

20.1 tar in a Nutshell

When many UNIX users think of file archives, on tape or in an archive file, they think of the tar utility. There are other ways to make archives and handle tapes - including cpio (19.9), shar (19.2), and dd (20.6). This article summarizes articles about tar-in this chapter and others.

- JP

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