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The SCCS Utility
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get [options] files

Retrieve a text version of an SCCS file. The retrieved text file (also called the g-file) has the same name as the SCCS file but drops the s. prefix. For each SCCS file, get prints its version number and the number of lines retrieved. See "Identification Keywords" for a list of keywords that can be placed in text files.



Retrieve delta sequence number n; not very useful (used by comb).


Create new branch (use with -e).


Retrieve a version that includes only those changes made before date. date is a series of two-digit numbers indicating the year, followed by an optional month, day, hour, minute, and second. Symbolic characters can be used as field separators.


Retrieve a text file for editing; this is the most commonly used option.


Suppress the text and just retrieve the SCCS ID (version number), typically to check it.


Save retrieved text in file name (default is to drop s. prefix). (Solaris 2.0 only.)


Incorporate into the retrieved text file any deltas whose SCCS IDs (version numbers) are specified in the comma-separated list. Use a hyphen (-) to supply a range (e.g., 1.3,2.1-2.5).


Do not expand ID keywords to their values; use in place of -e to regenerate (overwrite) a text file that was ruined during editing.


Create a delta summary (saved to a file or, with -lp, displayed on standard output).


Precede each text line with the SCCS ID of the delta it relates to.


Precede each text line with the %M% keyword (typically the name of the text file).


Write retrieved text to standard output instead of to a file.


Retrieve SCCS ID (version number) sid.


Suppress normal output (show error messages only).


Retrieve the top (most recent) version of a release.


Replace the %W% keyword with string; %W% is the header label used by what.


Exclude the list of deltas from the retrieved text file; the inverse of -i.


Retrieve file prog.c for editing; a subsequent delta creates a branch at version 1.3:

get -e -b -r1.3 s.prog.c

Retrieve file prog.c; contents will exclude changes made after 2:30 p.m. on June 1, 1990 (except for deltas 2.6 and 2.7, which are included):

get -c'90/06/01 14:30:00' -i'2.6,2.7' s.prog.c

Display the contents of s.text.c (all revisions except 1.1 - 1.7):

get -p -x1.1-1.7 s.text.c

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