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UNIX Commands
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uustat [options]

Provide information about uucp requests. This command can also be used to cancel uucp requests. Options -a, -j, -k, -m, -p, -q, and -r cannot be used with each other.



Report all queued jobs.


When used with -t, report average time spent on queue instead of average transfer rate.


When used with -t, report averages for past n minutes instead of past hour.


Report the total number of jobs displayed (use only with -a or -s).


Kill job request n; you must own it.


Report accessibility of other systems.


Suppress standard output but not standard error.


Execute a ps -flp on active processes.


Report the jobs queued for all systems.


Renew job n by issuing a touch on its associated files.


Report the status of jobs for system.


Report status for jobs of type x:


Completed jobs


Interrupted jobs


Queued jobs


Running jobs


Report system's average transfer rate (in bytes per second) over the past hour.


Report the status of jobs for user.

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