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UNIX Commands
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ps [options]

Report on active processes. In options, list arguments should either be separated by commas or put in double quotes. In comparing the amount of output produced, note that -e > -d > -a and -l > -f. In the BSD version, options work much differently; you can also display data for a single process.



List all processes except group leaders and processes not associated with a terminal.


List scheduler data set by priocntl.


List all processes except session leaders.


List all processes.


Produce a full listing.


List data only for specified list of group leader ID numbers (i.e., processes with same ID and group ID).


Print the process group ID and session ID.


Produce a long listing.


Use the alternate list of names (default is /unix); obsolete as of Release 4.


List data only for process IDs in list.


List data only for session leader IDs in list.


List data only for terminals in list (e.g., tty1).


List data only for usernames in list.

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