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UNIX Commands
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more [options] [files]

Display the named files on a terminal, one screenful at a time. After each screen is displayed, press RETURN to display the next line or press the spacebar to display the next screenful. Press h for help with additional commands, q to quit, / to search, or :n to go to the next file. more can also be invoked using the name page.



Page through the file by clearing each window instead of scrolling. This is sometimes faster.


Display the prompt Press space to continue, 'q' to quit.


Count logical rather than screen lines. Useful when long lines wrap past the width of the screen.


Ignore formfeed (^L) characters.


Force display of control characters, in the form ^x.


Squeeze; display multiple blank lines as one.


Suppress underline characters and backspace (^H).


Wait for a user keystroke before exiting.


Use n lines for each window (default is a full screen).


Begin displaying at line number num.


Begin displaying two lines before pattern.


Page through file in "clear" mode, and display prompts:

more -cd file

Format doc to the screen, removing underlines:

nroff doc | more -u

View the man page for the grep command; begin near the word "BUGS" and compress extra white space:

man grep | more +/BUGS -s

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