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UNIX Commands
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/usr/ucb/man [options] [[section] subjects]

Display information from the on-line reference manuals. Each subject is usually the name of a command from Section 1 of the on-line manuals, unless you specify an optional section from 1 to 8. If you don't specify a subject, you must supply either a keyword (for -k) or a file (for -f). No options except -M can be used with -k or -f. The MANPATH environment variable defines the directory in which man searches for information (default is /usr/share/man). PAGER defines how output is sent to the screen (default is more -s). Note: In Solaris 2.0, section must be preceded by -s.



Pipe output through cat instead of more -s.


Show all pages matching subject. Solaris 2.0 only.


Debug; evaluate the man command but don't execute. Solaris 2.0 only.


Search MANPATH directories, not windex database. Solaris 2.0 only.

-f files

Display a one-line summary of one or more reference files. Same as whatis.

-k keywords

Display any header line that contains one of the specified keywords. Same as apropos.


Like -a, but only list the pages. Solaris 2.0 only.

-M path

Search for on-line descriptions in directory path instead of default directory. -M overrides MANPATH.


Reformat but don't display manual page. Same as - -t. Solaris 2.0 only.


Format the manual pages with troff.

-T mac

Display information using macro package mac instead of tmac.an (the man macros).


Save documentation on the mv command (strip backspaces):

man mv | col -b > Move.doc

Display commands related to linking and compiling:

man -k link compile | more

Display a summary of all intro files:

man -f intro

Look up the page for nice, as well as the intro page from Section 3M:

man nice 3m intro		In SVR4
man nice -s 3m intro	In Solaris 2.0

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