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download [options] [files]

Add a font to the beginning of one or more PostScript files. By adding a font name directly to a PostScript specification, this command can be used to make additional fonts available when printing a PostScript file. Fonts are added in the form of PostScript comments that begin with %%DocumentFonts:, followed by a list of PostScript font names. download loads the fonts whose names are listed in a map table. This table links PostScript names with the system file that contains the font definition. A map table for the Times font family might look like this:

Times-Bold	fonts/100dpi/timesbold.snf
Times-Italic	fonts/100dpi/timesitalic.snf
Times-Roman	fonts/100dpi/timesroman.snf



Read the standard input.


Search the entire PostScript file instead of just the header comments. Header comments such as %%DocumentFonts: (atend) will redirect download to the end of the file. Use this option when such comments aren't present.

-H fontdir

Use fontdir as the directory in which font definition files are to be searched (default is /usr/lib/lp/postscript).

-m table

Use map table specified by file table. A leading / in table indicates an absolute pathname; otherwise (as in example above), the filename is appended to the fontdir specified by -H.

-p printer

Normally, download loads fonts that reside on the host machine. With this option, download will first check for fonts that reside on printer (by looking at /etc/lp/printers/printer/residentfonts).

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