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UNIX Commands
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as [options] files

Generate an object file from each specified assembly language source file. Object files have the same root name as source files but replace the .s suffix with .o. There may be additional system-specific options. See also dis.



Run m4 on file.


Turn off optimization of long/short addresses.

-o objfile

Place output in object file objfile (default is file.o).


Put the assembler's version number in the object file (when c = y); default is not to put it (c = n).


Remove file upon completion.


Force obsolete assembler directives to be obeyed.


Display the version number of the assembler.

-Y [key,] dir

Search directory dir for the m4 preprocessor (if key is m), for the file containing predefined macros (if key is d), or for both (if key is omitted).

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