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Low Cost, High Performance Automatic Motorcycle Helmet Violation Detection

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dc.contributor.advisor Dailey, Matthew
dc.contributor.author Chairat, Aphinya
dc.contributor.other Ekpanyapong, Mongkol
dc.contributor.other Phan Minh, Dung
dc.date.accessioned 2018-11-26T07:56:55Z
dc.date.available 2018-11-26T07:56:55Z
dc.date.issued 2018-12
dc.identifier.other AIT
dc.identifier.uri http://www.cs.ait.ac.th/xmlui/handle/123456789/916
dc.description In the for 44 p en_US
dc.description.abstract Thailand has a very high road fatality rate. The main cause of road fatalities is non-use of motorcycle helmet. Regional and local governments are trying to prevent this problem through law enforcement, but this method requires many police officers. Recently, computer vision and machine learning have developed to the point that we may improve the situation through automated helmet violation ticketing. AIT has a prototype helmet violation detection system, but the prototype needs improvement to have good accuracy. Hence, the main objective of this thesis is to improve the exiting helmet violation system. en_US
dc.description.sponsorship Royal Thai Government - AIT Fellowship en_US
dc.publisher AIT en_US
dc.subject computer vision en_US
dc.subject machine learning en_US
dc.subject helmet violation en_US
dc.subject detection en_US
dc.title Low Cost, High Performance Automatic Motorcycle Helmet Violation Detection en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US

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