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  • K R, Sree Sainath Reddy (AIT, 2017-12)
    Mobile games are gaining immense popularity in the gaming industry. Deloitte Global predicted that by 2016, the revenue generated by mobile games (smartphone and tablet) will be around \$35 billion, but it exceeded the ...
  • Gangisetty, Sai Sathwik (AIT, 2017-07)
    To reduce traffic problems , violation reporting should be nearly universal and automatic. With study violation reporting, the violation can be reduced,helping to reduce traffic problems. Instead of conventional violation ...
  • Shakya, Sanim (AIT, 2017-07)
    Pac-man is a real time arcade game, well known across the games and was developed in 1980. The game includes a main character called pac-man, whose is controlled by the player and the other characters are four ghosts which ...
  • Allada, Prithvi Raj (AIT, 2017-07)
    Computer Security plays a crucial role in the field of Computer Science. Vulnerabilities like buffer overflow in C were discovered in the early stages of programming languages and many more vulnerabilities are still ...
  • Rana, Anubhav (AIT, 2017-05)
    Millions of posts on social media are related to product reviews of a company’s products. To understand how these products are performing, sentiment analysis which is an application of text mining can be applied to extract ...

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