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Browsing IM Theses, 2006 by Author "Dr. Paul Janecek (Chairperson)"

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  • Monrawee Chainchainirattisai (Asian Institute of Technology, 2006)
    An online catalog is a web-based tool enabling merchants to display and sell their products to customers online. However, if the tool does not allow customers to rapidly find what they need or to accurately compare products, ...
  • Mohammad Nasir Uddin (Asian Institute of Technology, 2006)
    Information in a website is often difficult to find (with or without a search tool), either because the site is poorly structured or the information seeker’s knowledge is incomplete about the content. Faceted Classification ...
  • Mi Mi Hnaung (Asian Institute of Technology, 2006)
    Images are often used in documents to represent people because they are easier to recognize than text. However, traditional presentations of image collections on the web provide limited support for exploring the relationships ...
  • Ha Thi Thanh Nga (Asian Institute of Technology, 2006)
    Preventing the spread of infectious diseases in general and avian influenza in particular is the interested issues around the world. Vietnam was also suffered the measurable damage from bird flu during 2003 – 2005. One of ...

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