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  • Rajapaksha, Praboda (AIT, 2016-05)
    Content delivery networks (CDNs) handle dissemination of large content objects over the Internet. CDNs can improve content reachability for content that cannot be cached at proxy servers. Examples include streaming ...
  • Pianpak, Poom (AIT, 2016-05)
    This thesis presents the problem in current chatbots and our approach to overcome parts of it. The problem is lack of reasoning. We investigated the method popularly used in current chatbot development and pointed out the ...
  • Wickramarathna, Harshani Samodya (AIT, 2016-05)
    University admission is a complex decision process that goes beyond simply matching test scores and admission requirements. Whether a student chooses a right university and right degree program, and conversely whether a ...
  • Padilla, Rey Jimenez (AIT, 2016-12)
    A Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) requires a large, distributed conferencing system to allow synchronous e-learning that can improve the student learning experience. Using the currently available form of distributed ...

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