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Browsing CS Research reports, 2016 by Author "Ekpanyapong, Mongkol"

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  • Tangthamniyom, Sariya (AIT, 2016-05)
    XSLT is a style sheet language for transforming XML documents. The structure of XML and XSLT is dealing with a tree, while the key structure of semantic analyzer phases in compiler technology also is a tree. The aim of ...
  • Klaypu, Sornrak (AIT, 2016-07)
    Integration of CCTV cameras and video analytics increase the value of the CCTV camera networks. Advanced analytics are needed almost everywhere, but they are not easy to de- velop and deploy. Luckily, the OpenCCTV ...
  • Sarmadi, Paul-Darius (AIT, 2016-05-11)
    The problem of recognizing a previously identified criminal, hoping to follow him or her through video cameras feeds is a key issue. However, police require a great deal of human resources to perform this task. Automating ...
  • Mohsin, Mazhar (AIT, 2016-07)
    In recent years there has been an increasing number of terrorist attacks and bomb blasts in many public places. Video surveillance systems used in these places currently require monitoring by human operators constantly. ...

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