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  • Nguyen Phat Tai (Asian Institute of Technology, 2003)
    Barter is a fast-growing, multi-billion dollar industry. The core business of a barter trade exchange is to match buyers and sellers; this task is currently done by human brokers. Brokers attempt to manage the trade ...
  • Wang Hua (Asian Institute of Technology, 2003)
    Mobile users such as tourists require mobile services. Handheld devices promise access to a range of travel-related services while on tour. A number of usability issues, however, still ask for intelligent new solutions. ...
  • Ha Hong Thuy (Asian Institute of Technology, 2003)
    Predicting product purchases is one of the important tasks of a broker in the barter trade exchange. This work introduces the utilization of aspect models - a latent class statistical mixture model used for soft-clustering ...
  • Nguyen Anh Hao (Asian Institute of Technology, 2003)
    Linear time temporal logic has been used as a tool to express control knowledge in reactive systems. Its attractive potential is proved by TLPlan, which is being considered as the fastest planning system. However, the ...
  • Shezad Farid (Asian Institute of Technology, 2003)
    Microsoft .NET is the latest generation of software technologies that makes it easier to share information between computer systems. It allows web development giving the developer a notion similar that of developing a ...
  • Morakot Apinyankul (Asian Institute of Technology, 2003)
    Currently, the need of information that is available on the Internet is growing very fast, particularly in Wireless communication industry. Users also require information for serving anywhere, anytime, and any devices. ...

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