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  • Rawin Viruchpintu (Asian Institute of Technology, 2009-05)
    Sketching on paper is a simple method to design an idea, to communicate with other people by mixing words with drawings and to compress a lot of information into a useful image. The strong advantage of sketching is convenient, ...
  • Long Hoang (Asian Institute of Technology, 2007-04)
    COMET is a successful collaborative intelligent tutoring system for medical PBL developed by a group of scientists in Asian Institute of Technology and Thammasat Medical School. Current version of COMET can understand ...
  • Ngo Cao Dinh (Asian Institute of Technology, 2008-05)
    This thesis presents a system for constructing 3D models from CT images. The first thing I present is the general methodology and some fundamental techniques to develop a 3D application. To represent 3D models built by the ...
  • Euam Chantarasombat (Asian Institute of Technology, 2009-01)
    This study presents the implementation of a decision support system which assists in financial aid policy design. The system applies the concept of dynamic queries; enables user to assess the efficacy of financial aid ...
  • Nguyen Ngoc Minh (Asian Institute of Technology, 2008-05)
    Many recommender systems have been built to help online consumers to quickly find products suitable to their needs in a huge space of choices. These systems use the technique of eliciting users‟ preferences to recommend ...
  • Churee Theetranont (Asian Institute of Technology, 2006-12)
    Effectively selling products online is a challenging task. Today’s product domains often contain a dizzying variety of brands and models with highly complex sets of characteristics. Electronic products such as laptop ...

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