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  • Ekarin Supataratarn (Asian Institute of Technology, 2010-05)
    Dental surgical simulators have started to gain popularity as a tool for practicing clinical skills. With virtual – reality based simulators, students can practice on virtual patients while experts can observe their operation ...
  • Kuinkel, Pratikshya (Asian Institute of Technology, 2010-05)
    Bibliography databases provide wide range of information which can be utilized in conducting various kind of analyses like tracking research trends, identifying researchers excelling in a particular subject area, identifying ...
  • Jednipat Moonrinta (Asian Institute of Technology, 2010-05)
    Through automated agricultural inspection, farmers can potentially achieve better productivity and accurately predict yields and crop quality. The cheapest device for collecting rich information about a crop is the video ...
  • Gharti, Shashi (Asian Institute of Technology, 2010-05)
    Increasing crime threatens our communities. To ensure security, surveillance cameras are placed in many public places. Video surveillance cameras require humans to watch the videos and monitor for suspicious events occurring ...
  • Songphon Klabwong (Asian Institute of Technology, 2010-08)
    Advertisement is one critical component in most businesses. However, the system that can generate an advertisement in natural sentences has rarely been explored. This thesis involves creating discourses of advertisement ...
  • Panasan Puapermpoonsiri (Asian Institute of Technology, 2010-08)
    In ray tracing, the concept of constructing multiple specialized acceleration structures in perspective space for each camera and light source can signi cantly reduce the number of ray-object intersection tests needed and ...

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