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  • Long, Jiaoyan
    Building interactive architectures on MAN ET posses many challengers and opens a wide area of research. One of the pr imary areas of research is th e efficient resource discovery for the effective performance and ...
  • Dhungel, Prithula
    Collaborative remote laboratory is the concept of facilitating group work while allowing remote access to experiment equipment. There have been many implementations of remote laboratories in universities with some of them ...
  • Dau Vu Thai Anh
    The tourism area is a dynamic and successful fi eld in which Internet technologies are used extensively. But, there is lack of tourism information systems that can provide intelligent features to tourists. The ...
  • Medhi, Dipankaj Gobinda
    Mobile ad hoc network (MANET) is a self conf iguring network that autonom ously establishes connectivity via multihop wire less communication. MANET environment experience high packet loss rates because of node ...
  • Dai, Hanbo
    Modern barter differs from traditional barter primarily in that it uses a form of private label currency for transactions. An inte rmediary called the trade exchange then manages all trade in order to maximize trade ...
  • Andjarwirawan, Justinus
    There is a problem that the Internet is beco ming more crowded with data traffics. Many collaboration tools need to find a way to ma ke use of the communicat ion link as efficient as possible, like whiteboard ...

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