CS Dissertations, 2001: Recent submissions

  • Anutariya, Chutiporn (AIT, 2000-12)
    XML is a description format for encoding and exchange of structured data and documents on the Web, which lacks a computation mechanism as well as expressiveness by not allowing specification of domain knowledge, axioms, ...
  • Sartra Wongthanavasu (Asian Institute of Technology, 2001-04)
    Cellular Automata (CAs) are spatiotemporal dynamic complex systems that can serve as an alternative framework for the modeling of physical and biological systems. Furthermore, they constitute intrinsically parallel models ...
  • Supanat Kitcharoensakkul (Asian Institute of Technology, 2001-04)
    Version controls of the existing Software Configuration Management (SCM) systems employ different version models without a common foundation – framework for representation and computation of basic information, which causes ...

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