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  • More, Priyanka (2018-12)
    This research study is to build a third person action role play game (RPG) from end to end process. The essential features of an RPG game like inventories, story play, combat, level ups, character building are included in ...
  • Poonperm, Chaichan (AIT, 2019-05)
    The initiation of this thesis is how to understand the natural language that contains an enor- mous number of ambiguity aspects. With the aim of observing difficulties and coping with them, a system will be developed by ...
  • Karri, Surya Rao (AIT, 2018-08)
    The research study is to build an evaluation system for a test taker for the TOEFL examination, which is standardized test to evaluate the proficiency of English language. This system focus on the security I.e. to guarantee ...

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