Specialized Laboratories

This unit serves as a R&D center for basic and applied researches emphasizing on the economic plants which are resistant to diseases and extreme environmental conditions.
Recent study includes development of a new strain of bacteria capable of controlling and eliminating disease-carrying insects, particularly a detailed study of gene responsible for killing mosquito larvae.
Conduct R&D in aquaculture technology and in marine bioresources for industrial and medical purposes. Current research topics included improvement of oyster species, techniques for abalone cultivation physiological studies of Spirulina spp. and hybridization of king prawn.
Strengthen the personnels capabilities in biochemical engineering e.g. designing, construction and maintenance of pilot plan including the separation of a pilot plant for R&D in biotechnology for new products or improved production efficiency.
Conduct R&D on medical and biological products using biotechnology technique. Technology transfer to related organization both in public and private sectors by means of training or technical services.