RD&E Support

BIOTEC has supported biotechnology research and development in 6 Mission areas:

1. Plant and Plant Production Improvement
Develop commercial varicties superior to those currently available such features as improved yield, fruit or seed quality, disease resistance, herbicide tolerance, insect resistance salt tolerance and other desirable traits must be emphasized.

2. Animal and Animal Product Improvement
Improve livestock breeds by means of biotechnology and other advanced breeding techniques.

3. Rural Development and Small Farmers
Solve certain problem in crop production at the small-farm level.

4. Sustainable Development
With the tool of genetic engineering, the role of microorganisms in the treatment of hazardous waste will be enhanced.

5. Health Improvement
Genetic engineering technique will be used in the production of antibiotics by improving the production capacity of the cells. This technique has been used in developed countries to produced new drugs and new lines of pharmaceuticals.

6. Novel Products/Industrial Process Improvement
Add value to agricultural based products by means of process improvement, upgrading of raw materials and novel products processes.