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Never submit your work more than once.If you need to modify your document after it has been published, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or our secretary This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 

CSIM has a DSpace repository for publishing students' work.
Before you leave AIT, you are expected to publish your research work on that server.

1. Go to CSIM digital library and click on Login.
2. Choose LDAP Authentication.

This will allow you to connect with your CSIM username and password. 

3. Enter your CSIM username and password. Click on Sign in

Once you are authenticated, you are allowed to browse the repository and to submit new documents. But the document will become accessible only after it has been reviewed.
4. Click on Submission.
5. Click on start a new submission.
6. The first step is to choose the collection where you will publish your work.
  • There are collections for CS and collections for IM.
  • Dissertation is for PhD Dissertations, Theses is for Master thesis and Research Report is for Research Study.
  • You also have to select the collection of the year you are submitting.
7. Click on Next to proceed.
8. On the first entry page, you must enter:
  1. Your name. Be care full that your last name must be typed before your first name.
  2. The title of your work. Do NOT TYPE your TITLE IN UPPER CASE.
  3. The date of issue. It is enough to enter the year and month.
  4. The publisher. It must be AIT.
  5. The identifier. It must be Other and AIT.
  6. The type of publication. As mentioned earlier, you choose Dissertation for PhD Dissertations, Thesis for Master Thesis or Research Report for Research Study.

Click on Next to continue.

9.  On the second entry page, you must enter:
  1. Some subject keywords that will be used for searching the database by keywords. Choose your keywords wisely, type one keyword per line and click on Add to enter the next one.
  2. The abstract of your document. You should cut and paste from the document that you will submit.
  3. The name of the chair person of your committee. Like previously, last name comes first.
  4. The name of the members of your committee. Click on the Add button to enter the next name.
  5. The sponsors of your research. This field depends on the donors who funded your study, it can be for example: Royal Thai Government FellowshipAIT FellowshipHEC
    ; and for dual degree, enter the name of the other university,
    ex: Telecom Sud Paris.
  6. The number of pages in the description. In the for 87 p. for eighty seven pages.

Click on Next to continue.

10.  On the third entry page, you must upload the document files.

Your main document must be in PDF or in MS Word format.

Click on Choose File.

11.  Navigate your disk to the directory containing your document, click on the name of the document and click Open.

You must upload at least one document.

12.  If you want to upload more that one file, for example some data, some results, etc. put them in a single ZIP file.

Click on Upload file & add another. You can also add a description to your file .

When you are done, click on Next.

13. On this last stage, you can review the information you submitted.

If you need to make a correction, you can click on Previous.

When the data are correct, click on Complete submission.

When the submission is complete, you will not be able to modify it. It will be visible only after it has been reviewed.
14. Your submission is complete. Click on Logout to disconnect.
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