This second field of the program, is a strategic response to society's changing needs, and it will continue to evolve as organizations cope with the proliferation and complexity of new information technologies and services.

Information is an essential resource for academic excellence, competitiveness in business and industry, scientific progress, and national development. Like any other resource, information must be managed. High quality sources must be located, and arrangements must be made for access to timely, accurate, appropriate, and cost-effective information. Technological advances in telecommunications and the hardware and software of computing can be utilized to provide the optimum access to information.

The need for information management skills in government and private organizations is being increasingly recognized. People who are knowledgeable in methods of facilitating information collection, dissemination, and use are in demand. Such persons should also be skilled in identifying information needs and in accessing, repackaging, and presenting information in such a way that it can be utilized in support of the objectives of the users.

The program in Information Management is designed to prepare students to respond to four basic challenges confronting organizations today:

Programs of Study: Programs leading to the award of AIT's Master of Engineering, Master of Science, diploma and certificate are offered.

Preferred Background: Applicants for admission to the field in Information Management should have a strong quantitative background, preferably in computer science or computer engineering, information system or information science, telecommunications, electronic or electrical engineering, applied mathematics or statistics. Applicants from other fields of information service can also be considered if they have already worked as information professionals. In those cases, additional technology related courses may be required.