The core curriculum in computer science covers all aspects of computing, with the faculty particularly active in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering and Information Systems. The program also endeavors to enhance teaching and research activities in Computer Architecture, Neural Networks, Multimedia and other rapidly evolving areas in computer science.

The courses and research topics range from those addressing the practice problems of applications development, to the dealing with the abstract and philosophical issues of computer science and advanced computing. Students are also encouraged to take courses and conduct research in those areas of Computer Science which interact with Telecommunications, Industrial Systems Engineering, Information Management, and other fields covered at the Institute.

Programs of Study: Programs leading to the award of AIT's Doctor of Engineering, Doctor of Technical Science, Master of Engineering, Master of Science, diploma and certificate are offered.

Preferred Background: The preferred fields of undergraduate study for candidates seeking admission to the field in Computer Science are in computer engineering or computer science, electronic and electrical engineering, mathematics or statistics. Applicants from other fields of the physical science can also be considered if they have already worked as computer professionals.

For admission to the doctoral program a good master's degree in computer science or in a closely related field is required.