Computer Science

January semesterCredits
Programming Languages and CompilersRequired3
Computer Graphics and Animation3
Advanced Topics in Internet Technology3
XML: Foundations, Techniques and Applications3
Software Architecture Design3
Big Data Analytics3
Computer Security3
The Semantic Web Technologies3
August semesterCredits
Theory of ComputingRequired3
Algorithms Design and AnalysisRequired3
Full Stack Application DevelopmentRequired3
Computer Networks3
Software Development and Quality Improvement3

Information Mqanagement

January semesterCredits
Business IntelligenceRequired3
Knowledge Representation and Practical ReasoningRequired3
Selected Topic: HCI and Information Visualization3
Selected Topic: Seminar in Electronic Government3
August semesterCredits
Information Systems Development and ManagementRequired3
Information Retrieval and Data MiningRequired3
Data Modeling and ManagementRequired3
E-Business Development and Technology3
Human-Computer Interaction3
Selected Topic: Information Visualization3
Selected Topic: Data Modeling and Management3

Data Science and Artifical Intelligence

January semesterCredits
August semesterCredits